How To Have a Mess-Free Period Sex

How To Have a Mess-Free Period Sex

Are you one of those women who notice her sex drives shift over the course of her cycle? If yes, do you wonder why? The reasons behind why you are a lot hornier during your period are complete complex but more explanations say it is because of the drastic hormonal change in a woman’s body. Aside from that, there is a study that says that the peak of sexual arousal, when you have your period, occurs around the fourth day.

Having sex around the period cycle is an idea not welcome by all women because some feels it’s kind of weird, disgusting, can be hurtful, or they’re not in sexual mood, and so on. Many still say it’s gross and unhealthy. But in reality, having sex during period is really normal because most women feel sexy and even hornier during their cycle. It is messy to look at and think of, but it is pretty worth it if you will just open your mind to its glorious result of full orgasm. Plus, it is something natural and safe for both partners. 

Why it is worth it to have sex during your cycle? Reasons are:

  1. It shortens your period.
  2. It alleviates cramps and PMS.
  3. The blood will act as a natural lubricant which can increase pleasure.
  4. It can actually get you pregnant if you’re not using any birth control products.

Actually, it is just women who stop getting sex when they have period. A high percentage of men are fine with it. If you’re a little curious on how it is going to feel but doesn’t like all the mess it could bring, here are some techniques on how to have a mess-free period sex:

  1. Wear a menstrual cap or a female condom.

A menstrual cap or a female condom can help reduce the blood that may come out during sex. There are particular female condoms you can purchase over-the-counter designed for period sex. At first it will be a little uneasy, but if you will regularly use it you will not feel it at all in the long run. 

  1. Wear a condom (For men).

If you’re really skeptic about women’s blood and think they’re full of bacteria, well you should be informed that woman’s blood is not toxic. They are just older bloods and cells of the uterine lining. If you are worried about your dick getting mess with blood, use a condom. Condoms can make cleaning up a lot easier. 

  1. Limit your sex to missionary position or clitoris stimulation.

Missionary position, where the woman is on her back, can limit the blood flow because of gravity. If the man is still hesitant to dig in his dick, he can play the clitoris of the woman to produce orgasm, while the woman can do the oral to his man. 

  1. Lay blanket on the bed.

If your concern is the stain the blood could make, lay a colored blanket on the bed (obviously not white ones). A woman can released an average of 30 to 40ml during her period, so stop thinking there will be a heavy full blood that’s going to leak. 


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